Portfolio Overview


The Portfolio provides users with the ability to see the different digital twins that have been added to their portfolio, view their location on a map, and is a launching point to view building specific data or navigate to other areas of the WillowTwin™ platform.

Depending on the permissions enabled by your administrator, this may also be your home screen and would be the first application you have access to when you log in to your WillowTwin™.

Home Screen

The Portfolio can be broken in to 4 primary components:

  1. Menu bar
  2. Filters                                           
  3. Portfolio (building) list
  4. Map view


1. Menu Bar

The menu bar allows for quick access and navigation to other areas of the WillowTwin™ platform. The options available here are static and are accessible from all areas within the platform. 

From left to right, there are 4 buttons available: Menu, Willow icon, Help, and a Drop-down menu

  • Menu button
    • Provides access to the different WillowTwin™ platform features
  • Willow icon
    • The home button, when clicked will return the user to their home screen
  • Help
    • Opens a short form for submitting a ticket to the Willow Support team
  • Drop-down
    • Where users can log out, clear favorites, access support.willowinc.com, and more

2. Filters panel

The left side panel bellow the menu bar, provides the user access to a number of filter options to narrow the list of buildings that may be displayed in the Portfolio panel to the right.

  • Check the box beside one or more filter options to enable the filter(s)
  • Uncheck the box to disable the filter(s)

As filters are enabled/disabled, the map panel on the far right will zoom in/out to display the locations of the building(s) being returned from the filter results.

3. Portfolio (building list)

The Portfolio panel displays a card-style list of all the buildings that your user has access to. Listed by name, users will also see some basic building information here, which can include an image of the building, the state its located in, building type, status and size.

Clicking on a building card will select the location and focus the map panel to zoom and center over the selected building. An arrow icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the building card, clicking on the selected building card a second time will take the user to the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, users can view building specific data, including floor plans, insights, tickets, etc.

In the top left corner of the building image is a star icon, clicking this will favorite the building making it the default building that will initially be displayed whenever you log into the WillowTwin™ platform.

4. Map

The map panel on the right side of the screen allows users to see a visual representation of the geographic location of the building.

As mentioned earlier enabling or disabling the filters in the panel on the left side of the screen will adjust the zoom level which may display more or less buildings. Users on the desktop version of the application can also manually zoom in/out using the scroll wheel on their mouse to see where buildings are located.

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