Logging in (New Users)

Logging into the WillowTwin™ Platform (New Users)

Once an administrator creates a new user for the WillowTwin™ platform the user will receive a welcome email with steps to complete the setup of their user account.


The new user can click the login page link within the email or go to command.willowinc.com to access the main login page. From there they have two options:

  1. Sign up now
  2. Sign in with your social account (if single sign on has been setup, confirm with your administrator)

Sign up now

Using the sign up now option will require the user to verify their email address.

  • Enter your email address, then click Send verification code


  • Once received, copy the code then paste it into the field below your email address and click Verify code, if you did not receive a verification code email, confirm you entered the correct email address, then click Send new code


  • Once the code has been verified, the user will be able to enter the password of their choice in the field below. Re-enter the password in the second field, then click Create to complete the sign up process

Sign in with your social account

If single sign on has been configured for your company, you are not required to create a password for logging in, confirm with your Administrator if single sign on has been configured.

In this scenario, from the login screen click the Azure AD button


Login Issues

In some cases users may see a message saying they do not have sufficient privileges to view this page.


This usually occurs when there is a difference between their current region and that of the portfolio's region. 

  • Confirm with your Administrator the correct region, then click the drop-down and select the appropriate region from the list
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