Time Machine is now Time Series

Product Update

Willow is excited to announce the changing and updating of Time Machine to Time Series!

This is more than just a name change, a number of product improvements in both functionality and user experience are included as well. We feel the name change better reflects what Time Series does, and the functional and design updates come as a result of customer feedback — thank you if you were a part of this!  

 Functionality improvements include: 

  •  If users want to see more information related to the Asset they are viewing data for, they can now easily access related asset information from Time Series, including the asset's details and related documents, tickets, insights and relationships. 


  • Search functionality has been improved and expanded
    • Quickly pull up any item from your Digital Twin, and now search from other sites within your portfolio, as well as filter by category, floor, or location.
  • The number of filters for data points to choose from has increased, as well as new ‘Hide All’ and ‘Select All’ buttons. Once data points have been selected, a summary of them will be included. 
  • Favorited views are now stored under the clearly marked and easy to find ‘Favorites’ tab, and can be grouped by User favorites or Site favorites. From here users can also Save Favorites to your list. 
  • A new 'Remove All' button allows users to reset Time Series views, so they can start fresh any time they need
  • Time Series will now remember the user's most recent session, even if they have logged out and back in, and across devices, so they an easily pick back up where they left off.  


User Interface (display) and design updates include: 

  • New quick-access time period buttons have been introduced at the top of the graphs display. Users can now select the most common time periods such as: 24H, 48H, This Month, Prev. Month, etc. without using the drop-down menu. 


  • The ‘aggregate by’ and ‘display by’ options have been moved onto the graphs themselves. This maximises the available space, and improves navigation on tablet devices. 
  • Selected data points will automatically move to the top of the list for ease of view and apply a clearly displayed colour code, so users can match the data points to their respective graphs
  • Gaps in data are more prominently displayed, so users can now clearly see when there is a true gap in data. 
  • A ‘Reset Zoom’ button has been introduced, so that after zooming in users can more easily return to the default view. 
  • Selecting data points from has moved from the right side of the screen to the left side; this should provide a more natural workflow and maximise the display space for graphs.  

We hope these changes help you navigate Time Series quickly and easily wherever you’re working from.  

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