Command Overview


Command gives users access to a wealth of building specific data to view floor plans, see where assets are located, track potential issues with equipment, create tickets to investigate and resolve issues, and schedule regular inspections to monitor critical pieces of equipment. This feature can also act as a launching point to the other areas of the WillowTwin™ platform including Time Series, Marketplace, Register and Admin.


For some users, depending on the permissions enabled by your administrator, the Command Dashboard may be the home screen that is first seen once logged into the platform.

Specific to Command are 4 new tabs that have been added to the menu bar at the top of the screen:

  • Dashboard
    • The Dashboard provides an overall building summary, allowing users to quickly navigate specific floors within the building, see insights generated from the assets within the building, and any tickets created to resolve any issues with assets
  • Insights
    • Insights are a collection of information that can include alarms, faults or other pieces of information that are generated from the sensors attached to the assets that operate the building
  • Tickets
    • Provide trackable work orders that provide users with the information they need to investigate or complete repairs on assets that require attention
  • Inspections
    • Inspections provide users with the ability to perform regular checks on critical pieces of equipment, ensuring they are operational and potentially preventing issues before they occur

Also added to the menu bar are a few more options:


  • Building Selector
    • Near the top left, beside the Willow icon, is a building drop-down list, if your user has access to more than one building in your portfolio, you can navigate to other buildings from this list
  • Floor Selector
    • Users can navigate to individual floors within the building by selecting a floor from this drop-down list
  • Capture
    • Allows users to save a screen grab, should they wish to add visual information to a ticket or update an insight with more information
  • Add Insight
    • Allows user to add the screen grab, described above, to an existing insight
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