Willow is proud to announce the release of a new Inspections feature for use in WillowTwin™ for Real Estate!

Inspections are a great way for teams to track the routine monitoring of critical pieces of equipment to help prevent unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs.

Digitizing your inspection process allows you to connect the performance and condition of all your equipment into one big picture. Rather than filing paper checklists or having separate systems, inspections completed in your WillowTwin automatically connect the dots and can alert you, in the form of insights, to any potential concerns.

Creating custom inspections allows you to ensure your team is working efficiently, identify where and what pieces of equipment need to be inspected, who needs to complete the inspections, and the frequency of checks. If a piece of equipment is temporarily non-functional, you can also pause the inspection until it is back up and running.

Building inspections is quick and easy, you can configure the type of check and what is being recorded, this could include

  • The date of the check
  • Selecting a value from a list
  • Or recording a numerical value

If applicable you can also identify minimum and maximum thresholds for the value being recorded which can then automatically generate an insight should the inspection yield a result that exists outside those thresholds. Insights are collections of information from multiple sources, such as faults, alarms or the results of an inspection which can then be used to further investigate the historical condition and operation of the equipment, and if needed, you can create tickets to stay on top of maintenance.


Used in conjunction with the mobile app, your teams can document their findings and log any other important notes related to the equipment being inspected while in the field.


For more information on enabling this feature in your WillowTwin™, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


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