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One of the key functions of your WillowTwin™ platform is the ability to view floor specific information. From the home Dashboard, users can navigate to specific floors within a building to not only view 2D or 3D floor plans, but also see where equipment is located and any potential insights generated from the sensors connected to those pieces of equipment.

This powerful area of the platform allows teams to work efficiently in identifying where issues may exist, and provides tools to effectively pinpoint the location of pieces of equipment, even those hidden behind walls and ceiling tiles.  


Navigating to a floor

Accessing floor information is done from the home Dashboard. Here, users can navigate to individual floors in one of two ways:

  • 3D building model
  • Floor selector drop-down

3D Building Model

The 3D building model provides users with an intuitive view into where potential issues may exist and quick navigation to floors. If one or more insights have been generated by the equipment on a floor, the floor will be color-coded to the level of insight.


Users can navigate to a floor by clicking on the level from the 3D building model, then click the Go to LX button in the top right corner of the panel.

Floor Selector drop-down

The floor selector drop-down near the top left provides an alternative method for users to navigate to specific floors within a building. From here, users can scroll through the list and select the level they wish to view.


Floor Views

Once on a floor and depending on the configuration of your platform, users may see either a 2D or 3D representation of the floor, and can switch between the 2D or 3D views by clicking the toggle in the top right corner of the floor view.


The WillowTwin™ platform will remember and load the last view the next time you come back to this area should you toggle to the 3D view.

The level of detail that a user can see from this area will vary depending on how your digital twin has been setup, but the information that may be seen here could include:

  • Level images
    • These are base layer images that represent: architectural floor plan (default view), mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment, fire protection, and more
  • Zone layers (2D floor view)
    • These are basically groupings of equipment, such as: heat exchanges, fans, water pumps, AC units, etc. 
    • Zone layers are configurable by administrators

If any insights have been automatically generated from the sensors connected to the equipment on a floor, it can be displayed on the 2D floor view for quick access. Clicking on the asset from this view will open a window to display the asset details and provide access to more detailed information.


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