Introduction to the WillowTwin™ for Real Estate

The following video playlist will introduce you to the WillowTwin™ platform and some of the features within it. Specifically, the topics include:

  • The Platform Menu Bar
    • This video demonstrates the options available in the menu bar and basic navigation through the WillowTwin™ platform

  • The Dashboard
    • This is a general overview of the Dashboard and includes what options may be visible and how users can interact with the different components

  • The Portfolio
    • For users with Portfolio access, this video covers how to use the Portfolio to navigate to specific buildings and navigating to other areas of the WillowTwin™ platform

  • Insights
    • Insights are collections of information from multiple sources that allow teams to make critical business decisions with regards to operations. This video will take a closer look at what insights are and how you can use them as a part of your daily routines.

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