2D Floor View

Navigating the 2D Floor View

When a floor has been selected from either the 3D building model or the floor selector drop-down menu, the user will be presented with either a 2D or 3D view of the selected floor.

The 2D view is the default view that will be seen by users the first time they access this area of the WillowTwin, but it should be noted that on subsequent visits, the platform will remember and return the user to the last visited, whether that is the 2D or 3D view.


There are 3 primary sections to the 2D floor view:

  1. Asset panel
  2. 2D floor view
  3. Layers panel

Asset Panel

The asset panel is where users can view and search for specific pieces of equipment that exist on the selected floor. Selecting a value from the Category field will then display a Sub Category field where the user can further narrow the list of assets.

The individual assets that match the category and sub category selections will be displayed just below, if the list of assets is still large, the search field at the top can be used to further filter the list if needed.


Selecting an asset from this list will open an asset details window on the right, which can include a wide range of useful information related to the asset such as:

  • Is the asset maintainable
  • Maintenance date interval, maintenance contractor and responsibility
  • Manufacturer and Warranty information
  • Model number, serial number


A vertical menu bar will also appear on the far right which allows the user to view additional information related to the selected asset, this can include:

  • Insights for the piece of equipment
  • In progress tickets
  • Historical insights and completed tickets

Floor View Panel

The middle floor view panel will initially display a basic 2D floor plan; a zoom bar at the bottom of the window allows users to zoom in/out as needed. 

As layers are turned on or off from the panel to the right, the user will see additional information overlaid over the floor plan image.

Layers Panel

The layers panel on the right allows users to overlay layers (or images) of equipment over the 2D floor plan, providing users with the ability to see where equipment is located. Clicking the eyeball icon to the left of the layer name will turn the layers on/off.

Additional Zone layers can be enabled here as well. Zone layers are customizable and allow organizations to further breakdown the equipment into more specific categories, examples could include: AC units, dampers, switches, etc.

At the zone layer level, users may also begin to see insights; if insights are displayed on the 2D floor view, clicking on any of these will open the asset details window described above. 



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