3D Floor View

Navigating the 3D Floor View

When a floor has been selected from either the 3D building model or the floor selector drop-down menu, the user will be presented with either a 2D or 3D view of the selected floor.

Users will also notice there is an option to view the entire building from the floor selector drop-down menu, this will be discussed in more detail below.

Depending on the configuration of your platform, the 2D view may be the default view that will be seen by users the first time they access this area of the WillowTwin™; however, it should be noted that on subsequent visits, the platform will remember and return the user to the last visited, whether that is the 2D or 3D view.


A toggle in the top right corner of the floor view allows users to move between the 2D or 3D floor view as needed.


There are 3 primary sections to the 3D floor view:

  1. Asset panel
  2. 3D floor viewer
  3. Layers panel

Asset Panel

The asset panel is where users can view and search for specific pieces of equipment that exist on the selected floor. Selecting a value from the Category field will then display a Sub Category field where the user can further narrow the list of assets.

The individual assets that match the category and sub category selections will be displayed just below, if the list of assets is still large, the search field at the top can be used to further filter the list if needed. 


Selecting an asset from this list will zoom and center the floor view over the asset, as well as open an asset details window on the right, which can include a wide range of useful information related to the asset such as:

  • Is the asset maintainable
  • Maintenance date interval, maintenance contractor and responsibility
  • Manufacturer and Warranty information
  • Model number, serial number


A vertical menu bar will also appear on the far right which allows the user to view additional information related to the selected asset, this can include:

  • Insights for the piece of equipment
  • In progress tickets
  • Historical insights and completed tickets

Floor View Panel

The middle floor viewer panel will initially display an architectural 3D floor plan. While clicking and dragging allows users to tilt and turn the 3D model, and using the scroll wheel on a mouse can zoom in or out, the menu bar options at the bottom of the window allow users with additional abilities to interact with this view which can provide insightful information and tools to help teams work efficiently. 


From the left to right the menu bar offers the following options:

  • Orbit
    • Is used to tilt and turn the floor model. Click the up arrow to see and change the orbit mode between orbit and free orbit, with free orbit allowing movement in any direction
    • A circle will also appear on the 3D model, clicking and dragging the mouse around the radius of this circle will rotate the model
  • Pan
    • When selected, can be used to grab the floor model to move left, right, up or down
  • Zoom
    • Used to zoom in or out to see more or less detail
  • First Person
    • Allows the user to use the mouse or keyboard shortcuts to move around, similar to a video game user experience
    • When selected a help window will appear indicating the commands that can be used for using this feature
  • Camera Interactions
    • Is used to change the camera view of the floor. Click the up arrow to see and change the focal length, rotate the floor, and reset the view
  • Measure
    • Allows users to measure the distance between objects and measuring angles.
    • When selected additional options will appear to calibrate the measurement, adjust the unit type, and delete the measurement
  • Section Analysis
    • Allows users to remove sections from the 3D model, as if they were cutting a hole in the wall or floor
  • Settings
    • Provides users with a wide variety of configuration options for modifying how they interact with the 3D model. This includes:
      • Performance optimization and display options, including precision and display units
      • Navigation settings for orbit, zoom, and mouse operations
      • Visual optimization options such as adding or removing shadows, removing jagged edges, etc.
  • Full Screen
    • Will allow the user to enlarge the 3D model to a full screen view

As layers are turned on or off from the panel to the right, the user will see additional information overlaid over the floor plan image.


Layers Panel

The layers panel on the right allows users to overlay layers (or images) of equipment over the 2D floor plan, providing users with the ability to see where equipment is located.

Clicking the eyeball icon to the left of the layer name will turn the layers on/off.




To navigate to another floor, either click the back arrow near the top left corner to return to the Dashboard, or use the floor selector drop-down to select a different floor.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, users can also select the entire building from the floor selector drop-down. When chosen, users will typically see the default architectural view of the building, however, user can also enable/disable the same layer images that can be seen on the individual floors, as described earlier.

Example Building Architectural layer:


Example Building Mechanical layer:


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