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A common task for many WillowTwin™ platform administrators is the need to manage users by add new users, editing the permissions or details of existing users and possibly deleting users who no longer need access to the platform.

Users with Admin access can quickly and easily perform these functions any time, access to the admin area of the platform is granted to users who are assigned the Super User role or by Admin user permissions, both of which are discussed in the article below.

Creating Users

1. Once logged into the platform, navigate to the Admin area by clicking the menu button in the top left corner, then select Admin.

2. From the main admin area, click the Users tab in the center of the menu bar at the top of the screen, then click Add user on the far right.New_user_1.png

3. In the side window that opens, complete the required fields for creating the user:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact (phone number)
  • Company


4. Under the Permissions section, identify the role the user should have within the WillowTwin™ platform

  • Super User
    • Provides full access to the platform, users with this role will have the ability to add, edit and delete portfolios, sites and any users
      • Only users with the Super User role can delete users
It is strongly recommended to limit the number of super users to only 1 or 2 people per organization, or to leave this function to the Willow support team.
  • User
    • Provides limited access to the platform, users with this role will have the ability to use the various features of the platform other than the admin area
    • Users with this role cannot add, edit or delete portfolios, sites or users

5. When the user role has been selected, additional Site Permissions will be available just below; these permissions can be enabled at the Portfolio level or at the Site level

Portfolio level

  • Admin (Portfolio level example: Willow Demo)
    • Is provided access to the admin page and the ability to manage all sites in the Portfolio, and has the ability to add or edit Portfolio Viewers and Site Viewers & Admins
  • Viewer (Portfolio level exmple: WIllow Demo)
    • Has access to the Portfolio page and the ability to see all sites in the Portfolio


Site Level

  • Admin (Site level, eg: Test Site, Willow ADT 121 or WIllow Demo)
    • Has the ability to add or edit site viewers to their site. Site admins can also access the admin page for their site, can configure Inspections and Schedules, and can log into the Mobile app
  • Viewer (Site level, eg: Test Site, Willow ADT 121 or Willow Demo)
    • Has the ability to view a site they have been granted access to, and can log into the Mobile app


Once all of the permissions have been enabled for the user, click Save to complete the user creation. This will then trigger an email to the user inviting them to log into the WillowTwin™ platform.

If a newly created user does not receive the invitation email or does not login to the platform, Admins will receive an email notification indicating they have not logged in, and can resend the invitation email by navigating to the users' record (as described in the Editing Users section below), and clicking Resend activation email at the bottom of the window.

Editing Users

When required, the editing of the details or permissions of existing users is possible; to edit a user account: Edit-delete_users.png

1. Navigate to the Users list

2. Click on the Name of the user

3. In the window that opens, modify the information as needed, noting the Email Address cannot be changed, as this is the unique identifier for your users. You also cannot change the User Since date.

4. Click Save in the top right to complete the changes

Deleting Users

Users that no longer require access to the WillowTwin™ platform can be deleted as well. Follow steps 1 & 2 from the Editing Users section, when the Edit user window opens, click the Delete User button at the bottom of the window. 


Currently only Super Users have the ability to delete users

If a user was deleted by accident or needs to be re-added to the system, please reach out to Willow Support for assistance.




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