Inspections Overview


The Inspections feature is a powerful tool that allows various teams to utilise the full suite of capabilities of your digital twin. This can be used to track the routine monitoring of critical pieces of equipment to help prevent unexpected malfunctions and costly repairs, as well as, ensuring rooms are secure, cleaning is taking place and more.

Digitizing the inspection process allows you to connect the performance and condition of all your equipment into one big picture. Rather than filing paper checklists or having separate systems, inspections completed in your WillowTwin™ automatically connect the dots and can alert users, in the form of insights, to any potential concerns.


Creating custom inspections allows you to ensure your team is working efficiently, users with Site Admin privileges can configure inspections, and can build these to identify:

  • Where and what asset needs to be inspected
  • Who is responsible for completing the inspection
  • How often the inspection needs to be completed
  • What specifically needs to be checked
    • Multiple check types allow users who complete inspections to record:
      • Numerical values
      • Select a value from a custom-built pick list
      • Dates

Admins can also configure checks that are dependent on the response from a list selection. So, if a particular value is chosen from the list, it could then display one or more additional checks, otherwise it would bypass those options. Also available is the ability to configure checks to trigger the creation of an insight. For example, if during an inspection, a user enters a numerical value that exists outside of an identified threshold, this could trigger the creation of an insight which could then be further investigated or from it, have tickets created for repair work. 

Via the Command mobile app, users in the field can open these inspections and record their results. As described earlier, depending on the configuration of the check(s), the values entered by these users may trigger the generation of insights within your digital twin. 

Within the inspections area users have the ability to see these inspections, insights and track who has completed inspections and how many they completed.

Accessed from the Command area of the WillowTwin™ platform, the main Inspections page is divided into 4 sub-sections: Inspections, Insights, Usage and Zones



The inspections sub-section is basically a dashboard, displaying a list of inspections and high-level details including: the location and assets being inspected, status, progress, due date and workgroup responsible for completing the inspection. From here users can monitor the progress of inspections divided across two tabs:

  • Due Inspections
    • Lists both due and overdue inspections
  • Completed
    • Displays the completed inspections


Clicking on an inspection from these lists will expand the row to display the individual checks that were created for the inspection. Clicking on the checks, will then open a window where users can review the check history for the date period specified near the top right corner of the window.

On the far right side of the window on each row, users will see 3 dots, clicking this allows users with site admin privileges to view and edit the inspection settings, or temporarily pause an inspection if needed.


Insights are a collection of information from various sources such as: faults, alarms and inspection results. From here, users can review the insights that have been created from inspections, this provides users with important information such as:

  • The priority and status of the insight
  • The asset the insight was created for
  • Dates associated with the creation of the insight
  • Access to a Time Series graph, displaying the historical operational data for the asset

Users can review this information and if needed, do a deeper investigation on the potential issue or create a ticket to initiate possible repair work. For, more information on insights, please see the Insights Overview article.

It should be noted that the insights seen in this Inspections area are only insights that have been generated from inspection results.


The usage area is where users can see the history of the number of inspections completed for the date period; which can be adjusted from the date selector drop-down in the top right corner. 

This graph will show the number of inspections completed by user for the dates within the period. 



Zones are areas within your building where inspections need to be performed. These are required for the creation of inspections, and its from here where users with site admin privileges can create new inspections.

In this window, users will see the list of zones that have been added to the platform, the number of inspections for that zone and when it was last updated. 



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