Working with the Dashboard

Please note, some of the platform navigation described in these videos has recently been updated. New videos will be coming soon.


This series of videos will walk users through the complete functionality of the Dashboard. Here you will see how to:

  • Navigate to specific floors within a building
  • Interact with 2D and 3D floor views
  • Use Insights to help investigate and potentially repair issues with equipment
  • Create Tickets for repair work
  • Create and use custom Inspections to regularly check critical pieces of equipment


  • Floor Selection
    • Users will see how to navigate to individual floors within a building and toggle between 2D or 3D floor plans

  • 2D Floor View
    • See how to use the 2D floor view to see where assets are located, detailed information on selected assets and potential insights. 

  • 3D Floor View
    • An overview of how users can use the 3D floor view and an introduction to the tools that can be used for searching for assets, and manipulating the 3D floor plan.

  • 3D Floor Viewer Tips & Tricks
    • Some helpful tips and tricks to assist newer users with using the 3D floor viewer


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