Standard & Scheduled Tickets

The WillowTwin™ platform provides organizations with a complete picture into the operations of a building, and Tickets are a great way for teams to stay connected and ensure the upkeep of important pieces of equipment is being taken care of in a timely manor.

Tickets can be created on a on demand basis for unexpected issues that may pop up, or they can be scheduled to ensure the preventative maintenance of critical pieces of equipment is occurring when needed. The following videos will demonstrate how to create tickets, schedules and how the mobile app is used by users in the field to document the work they are performing. 


Standard Tickets

  • See how to create on demand tickets and use the mobile app to document the work being completed in the field. 


Scheduled Tickets

  • See how to create schedules, use the mobile app to resolve tickets and complete the closing of tickets within the WillowTwin™ platform


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