Marketplace Overview

Marketplace is the WillowTwin™ platform's single point of integration, providing access to best in class smart building applications. Building owners and operators can connect other property technologies to their digital twin, allowing this disparate data to then be presented in a 2D and 3D spatial context for ease of use for operators. Actionable insights can be created to inform users about the state of operations and if needed tickets can be created to resolve potential issues.



This isn't an area of the platform that most users will need to go into, but understanding all the components user can see is crucial. Users can navigate to the Marketplace from almost any area of the platform

  1. Click the menu button menu_button.PNG in the top left
  2. Click the Marketplace option from the main menu
  3. The main page will default to the Apps display, which shows all apps that could be connected
    1. Clicking an app from this list will display an overview of the potential integration
      1. You may see an Install button, however you will require Willow's assistance in setting up the integration, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information
    2. Already connected apps will display Installed in the top right corner 
  4. Click the My Apps button near the top center of the screen to filter to the apps that have been installed in your WillowTwin™
    1. Clicking an installed app will display an overview and additional configuration information which can include alerts, logs, import/export options and integration settings
      1. Users with Site Admin access will have the ability to edit the settings, but this is not recommended, please reach out to the Willow team for assistance prior to changing these settings


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