Mobile App Overview

The WillowTwin™ platform provides companies with the ability to make proactive data-led decisions to reduce expenses, increase revenue and better manage risk.

Through the desktop application users can monitor the operation of key pieces of equipment; insights can alert your team to potential issues which can then be actioned for further investigation and resolution when issues are discovered. The platform allows users to create tickets to initiate repairs when something goes down, schedule tickets to stay on top of the regular preventative maintenance of critical pieces of equipment, and create inspections to ensure assets, rooms or spaces are routinely checked. 

The Command Mobile app is an extension of our desktop solution that allows front-line workers to review information, record the progress of the work assigned to them via tickets, or to document the results of inspections they complete all while in the field, and more. Mobile app users have access to:


Accessing the app

Login_1.PNGThe Command mobile app is available as a free download from the Apple App store and Google Play.

Once downloaded, users can log in to the app using the same login credentials used for the desktop app, either email and password, or via your social account.

If a user has forgotten their password, user the Forgot your password? link to reset it.

At a minimum, site viewer permissions are required for users to access their building via the mobile app. Some organizations may have multiple buildings within their portfolio, users may be granted access to more than one building and will have the ability to toggle their view of tickets, inspections and assets for each of the buildings they have visibility to.


Navigating the app

Once logged into the app, users will have access to any tickets or inspections that may have been assigned to them or their workgroup. A menu bar at the top of the screen allows users to navigate around the app. The options from here include:


  1. Menu button
    1. Used to navigate between: Standard tickets, Scheduled tickets, Inspections and an Asset search
  2. Site drop-down
    1. Used to switch between different buildings within the portfolio (if the user has visibility to more than one)
  3.  Filters
    1. Used to filter the list of tickets and inspections assigned to the user
  4. User drop-down
    1. Where users can log out of the app, enable/disable notifications, change their region and see what's new


Users that have had either standard or scheduled tickets assigned to them will be able to view their list of tickets which are either Open, Resolved or Closed. Tickets will be sorted by Priority and then by Date, if needed, these can be further filtered by the ticket status.


Tapping on a ticket will open the ticket details, from here a user can review the information on the work required, add any notes or comments to update other users on their progress, and move the ticket through its life cycle as the work is being completed. 


Inspections are created for Zones within a building, then assigned to workgroups for completion. As such, when navigating to the Inspections area of the mobile app, users will see a list of the Zones which have inspections assigned to their workgroup. From this list, users can see a count of the total number of inspections for the zone and the number completed so far.


Tapping on a Zone, will display all the inspections, tapping on one of the inspections from this list will open the check(s) for the inspection. The user can then record their results and submit this information to complete the inspection all while in the field.

Asset Search

The ability for maintenance teams and other frontline workers to search for asset information while they are in the field is another key feature of the Command mobile app.

Whether this is to look up warranty information, serial numbers, maintenance information or to review uploaded documents such manuals, this can give teams the information they need to diagnose issues, complete timely repairs and more.




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