Administration Overview

The administration area of the WillowTwin™ platform allows users with the appropriate permissions to perform a wide range of administrative actions to update and maintain their digital twin. Admin functions include the ability to manage sites, create inspections, schedule tickets, and create and manage users in your digital twin.

The ability for users to perform these administrative functions is provided through permissions that can be enabled at the user level, and can be enabled for users to create and manage users, administer an entire portfolio or just the site they work from. 


Portfolio Administration

Broadly, portfolio administration is the management of one or more sites within you portfolio. While users with the Super User role will have the ability to add and delete sites associated with the portfolio, this is typically a function that is not required at most organizations and is managed by the Willow team.

Site Administration

Site specific administrative functions allow users to update the details associated with a particular location, enable site notifications for inspection summaries, and enable or disable certain features that may be used at a site. While not recommended for most admin users to modify, they will also have access to manage:

  • Floors
  • Connectors
  • Discipline codes

These are areas of the platform that are used by the Willow team to setup a new digital twin within your portfolio.


Site administration can be enabled at a portfolio level for one or more users to administer the sites within their portfolio, or at the site level for one or more admins to administer just their site.

User Administration

User administration allows for the creation, editing and possible deletion of users within your WillowTwin™ platform. For more information on how to create and edit users, including the permissions that can be enabled for users, please see the article Create & Edit Users.


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