Administration Overview

The administration area of the WillowTwin™ for Real Estate platform allows users with the appropriate permissions to perform a wide range of administrative actions to update and maintain their digital twin. Admin functions can include the ability to manage sites, create and manage users, create inspections, and schedule tickets.

The ability for users to perform these administrative functions is provided through permissions which are enabled at the user level, and can be configured so the user can administer the entire portfolio, or just selected sites. 

Navigating to the Admin area

Users with admin permissions can navigate to the admin area by

  1. Click the menu button menu_button.PNG in the top left corner
  2. Click the Admin option from the main menu options

From here users will see to tabs at the top of the screen, Portfolios and Users, these options allow users to more specifically manage those respective areas.



From the Portfolios tab, users will have the ability to manage various aspects of their system, whether this is portfolio wide or settings just at the building level. More specifically this could include the ability to:

  • Add and manage buildings within the portfolio
  • View and manage sensors connected to building equipment
  • Add or remove reports
  • Edit basic site/building details
  • Manage floors and discipline codes within a building

As there are different levels of administration access users can be granted, not all users will be able to perform all functions described. For more information on what admin privileges grant users the ability to perform, please see the Create and Edit Users article.



From the Users tab, admin users can view, create, and edit users, requestors, and workgroups in the platform. Like the portfolio and site management described above, user management can be limited depending on the admin privileges granted to the user, and is described in more detail in the Create and Edit Users article.



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