Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs)

Temporary speed restrictions (TSRs) may be required in order to ensure the safe operation of your rail network, which can have a major impact on operations and revenues.

The WillowTwin™ for Rail platform has features that allow its users to see the location and number of speed restrictions currently affecting their network. As well, additional information related to TSRs is also accessible in order to help determine the root cause of each restriction and identify the best course of action for maintenance and the ultimate removal of a TSR.

TSR information can be viewed in various places in your twin, including:

  • Map panel
  • Asset details
  • Performance > Restrictions dashboard

TSRs Map Layer

Whether on the Assets, Ticketing, and Performance tabs, users can enable views of TSRs on their map by clicking either the enabling the TSRs layer from the Map filter menu. From here users will have the ability to filter by:

  • Status
  • Type
  • Group Cause

As well as configure the display to show:

  • Point Clusters (historic + current)
  • Type (cluster)
  • Type (line)


Users can view areas of temporary speed restrictions on the map by enabling the layer from the map filters:

  1. Click the map filter button Map_filter-2_05112022.PNG
  2. Click the Select a date range button at the top of the menu
    1. Use the calendar to select a custom date range OR
    2. Click one of the pre-set date options just below the calendar
    3. To change the date selection, click Clear in the bottom left and reselect as needed
    4. To collapse the calendar view, click the date range highlighted in purple at the top of the menu
  3. Click the layer icon Layer_button_05112022.PNG beside TSRs
  4. Click the right arrow Right_arrow_05112022.PNG on the far right to access the sublayer options
  5. Click the desired TSR filters (Status, Type, Group Cause), enabled filters will be indicated by a highlighted purple background or checkbox (in the case of the Group Cause options)
  6. Click the layer icon Layer_button_05112022.PNG beside the desired sublayer
  7. Optional: Click the Legends button Legends_button_05112022.PNG in the top right to display a legend of how the overlaid data will be presented


TSR Table Data

More detailed temporary speed restriction data is also available in table form when users are viewing the details of selected assets

  1. Navigate to the Assets > Assets sub-tab
  2. From the Cateogries folder on the left, expand the category folder and select the subcategory of assets, then select the asset you wish to view TSR data for
    1. In the details window that opens below the map, if there is TSR data for the asset, you will see a TSRs tab
      1. A row of data will appear for each TSR event that has occurred, scroll to right/left to see all of the data that has been recorded


Note: this TSR data can be exported for further analysis or review as needed, please see the article Exporting Data

TSR Reports & Metrics

The performance tab provides users with a dashboard and summary of the temporary speed restrictions that have occurred over time. Divided into 3 sections users will see:

  • TSR metrics
  • TSR Map
  • Summary Graphs & Table data


Users will find the same TSR filtering and display options described in the Map filter section also apply here, however, those filters do not apply to the summary graphs or table data displayed just below the map. The table data visible on the Temporary Speed Restrictions tab in the bottom 3rd section will display all TSRs, each column includes an option to sort the data or to filter the data as needed.





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