Ticketing Overview

The Ticketing area of the WillowTwin™ for Rail platform allows for the creation, assignment and management of maintenance ticketing across your rail network. Working in conjunction with the WillowRail mobile app, this provides a seamless workflow for users to create new tickets, view the details of all open and closed tickets via the web application; where as the users in the field can use our mobile app to action assigned tickets, view important asset details and historical information, while also updating the ticket details and progress as the work is being completed. 


The ticketing interface can be divided into 2 primary sections:

  • Ticket panel (on the left)
  • Map panel (on the right)

Ticket Panel

From the ticket panel, users have access to view all tickets added to the platform. Depending on the current ticket status, these will appear in either the Open or the Closed tab, a search field also allows users to filter the ticket panel by Ticket Number or by Asset


If needed, the list of tickets can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the up or down arrow to the right of each column heading, which include:

  • Priority
    • Urgent (2 hours, red)
    • Immediate (4 hours, orange)
    • Within 24 hours (yellow)
    • Within 7days (blue)
    • Negotiated Time (purple)
    • Low Priority (grey)
  • Field Engineer
    • The person typically responsible for triaging, creating and assigning tickets
  • Reported Date
    • The date and time the incident was reported
  • Geocode
  • Asset
    • The asset that requires inspection, repair, or replacement for which the ticket was created
  • Total Time
    • The total time the ticket has been open, from created date/time until the ticket is closed
  • Status (only seen in the Open tickets tab)
    • The current ticket status, which could include:
      • Unassigned (UNA)
      • Assigned (ASD)
      • Reassign Required (RRQ)
      • En Route (ERT)
      • Arrived (ARR)
      • Safe to work
      • In-Progress
      • Limited Availability (LAV)
      • Function Restored
      • Incident Resolved (IRS)
      • Completed (COM)
  • Resolved
    • The date and time the ticket was resolved (only seen on the Closed tickets tab)

Users can also minimize the ticket panel to see a larger view of the map panel by clicking the hamburger button Hamburger.PNG in the top right corner, beside the Ticket or Asset search field.

Map Panel

The map panel provides users with a visualization of the network, location of faults, and location of workgroups currently in the field, assisting in the quick and efficient creation of tickets.

Similar to the other areas of the platform where the map is seen, users can:

  • Change the base map
  • Enable or disable GIS Layers
  • Enable or disable Defects
  • Enable or disable TSRs
  • Zoom in/out to see more or less map detail




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