Maps & Layer Filtering

The WillowTwin™ for Rail platform provides a unique view of your rail network and allows users the ability to quickly enable and overlay views of important information over your network, such as: track geometry and rail wear, defects, temporary speed restrictions, curves, steel types, and more, which can then be used for quick analysis and critical decision making. 

This data and layer information can be toggled on or off from the map filter buttons just below the menu bar in the top right corner of the map. The following videos will walk users through enabling these different layers and seeing the information users may have access to.

Map Filtering

This general overview video demonstrates how users can change the base map as well as how to navigate and enable the different filter options. 

Track Geometry

The WillowTwin™ for Rail platform has the ability to display important data related to track geometry. This information can include data related to gauge, superelevation, twist, cross level and more. Engineers can use this data to help determine the appropriate courses of action in relation to safety and maintenance of the track network. The following video demonstrates how to enable this time-bound map filter and how to view track geometry graphs.

Rail Wear

The ability to view rail wear data within your digital twin provides users with critical insight into the rail network's operations. This data can be used to help with decision making with regards to safety concerns and controlling maintenance costs with rail replacement. This video demonstrates how to enable the rail wear time-bound map filter layer, and how to view rail wear graphs from your twin.


Temporary speed restrictions (TSRs) may be required in order to ensure the safe operation of your rail network, which can have a major impact on operations and revenues. The WillowTwin™ for Rail platform has features that allow its users to see the location and number of speed restrictions currently affecting their network. The following video will demonstrate how to enable this time-bound map filter layer as well as how to view TSR table data and metrics and KPIs that may be used for reporting.


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