Introduction & Platform Navigation

The WillowTwin™ platform provides organizations the ability to consolidate and orchestrate the data from a number of disparate systems so users can make informed data-led decisions to help reduce expenses, grow profits and better manage risk. Users can ensure your buildings are operating at peak efficiency by watching for potential issues with equipment, watch for trends in equipment operation, generate tickets for repair and stay on top of general maintenance, and much more. 

The accompanying articles on this support site will take a closer look at the various features and functionality of the platform. For now, we'll discuss what users can expect to see once logged and some basic navigation tips for moving around the platform; for more information on logging in, please see the user guide articles on logging into the platform

Home screen

Depending on the permissions enabled by your platform administrator(s), logged in users will land on one of two dashboards as their home screen, either the Portfolio dashboard or the Building dashboard.

Portfolio Dashboard

The portfolio dashboard is great for users such as portfolio managers or executives who want to be able to see quick numbers and statistics related to overall portfolio or individual building performance and operations. Two different dashboard views provide these users with quick insights into the status and performance of all buildings within the portfolio, and options to dive into each building to see a more detailed breakdown of its health and operation. 


Building Dashboard

Building managers, chief engineers and their teams will typically interact with the building dashboard the most. From here they can monitor the status of the building and use it as a starting point for troubleshooting and resolving potential issues with malfunctioning or inoperable equipment and systems. Also here, users can toggle between a site view and a performance view depending on the information they are looking for. 



Platform Navigation

Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top of the screen is the primary general navigation point for users of the platform. Specifically, there are 5 buttons users will see and use to navigate to other areas of the platform.

  • Menu button  menu_button.PNG
  • Willow icon  Willow_icon.PNG 
    • This is a home button, clicking this will return you to your home screen
  • Building drop-down  Building_drop-down.PNG
    • Click this to change the building 
      • Note: depending on the permissions enabled, users may have access to just one or multiple buildings in your portfolio
  • Help  Support_form.PNG
    • Click this button to open a short form which can be used to submit a ticket to the Willow support team, should you need assistance
  • User drop-down  User_drop-down.PNG
    • Provides users access to:
      • Reset Profile
        • Clears any saved settings and searches
      • Help & Support
        • Will take you to the Willow support site
      • Privacy Policy
        • Allows users to view the Willow privacy policy
      • What's New
        • See announcements on new features and functionality
      • Change Region
        • Change regions if your organization has buildings in various places in the world
      • Change Language
        • Click this option to change the displayed language of the platform. Currently language options are either English or French
      • Log Out
        • Log out of the platform

Additional menu bar buttons will appear below the options just discussed. Some of these additional menu bar buttons and options will change depending on the area of the platform the user navigates to and is discussed in more detail in separate user guide articles on those topics. 



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