Create & Edit Users

The ability to create new users within your WillowTwin™ for Rail platform is critical functionality for users with administration access to the platform.

Create New Users

  1. Click the user drop-down in the top right of the main menu bar
  2. Select Admin
  3. Click Add user button
  4. Complete the User form in the window that opens, noting the required fields
    1. First name (required) New_User_window.PNG
    2. Last name (required)
    3. Phone number
    4. Email address (required)
    5. Contract (select all that apply)
    6. Roles (select all that apply)
      1. Admin
        1. Provides access to this admin area, for creating and editing users
      2. FrontOfficeEngineer
        1. Allows the user to be selected as a front office engineer on tickets
      3. Portal
        1. Allows users to login to the web portal
      4. Supervisor
      5. Workgroup
        1. Provides access to the Rail mobile app
    7. Specialties (select all that apply, if this feature is in use)
  5. Click Save to complete the creation of the user
NOTE: the Portal role is required for any user to have access to login to the WillowTwin™ for Rail platform.


Editing & Deleting Users

When required, admins do have the ability to edit and update the details of a user if required as well as delete a user, should you want to remove their access from the platform.

To edit a user:

  1. Click the user drop-down in the top right of the main menu bar
  2. Select Admin
  3. Select the user from the list
  4. In the window that opens, edit the user details as needed
    1. Note: Email address cannot be edited, as this is the unique identifier for all users
  5. Click Delete, if the user should be deleted and no longer have access to the platform
  6. Click Save to save any changes to the user
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