Search and Explore Overview

Users have the ability to search or browse for a wealth of information from your WillowTwin™ platform with the features of the Search and Explore area. Whether its important operational information on selected assets, seeing other twins that are related or connected to the searched asset, documentation, viewing time series graphs, or 3D models of the asset, search and explore allows users to get everything they need quickly and efficiently from one place.

From the main menu, users can navigate to one of two Search and Explore areas to perform their searches:

  • New Explorer
  • Classic Explorer


New Explorer

When a user navigates to the new explorer tool, they will be presented with a simple to use interface where they can search for twins loaded into their platform by either using the keyword search field or browse the twins loaded into their platform by clicking any of the category options from the explore area of the page.

This interface allows users to either quickly search for items when they know or have a good idea of how it may be named, or browse for twins by clicking through the various categories and subcategories. If the keyword search still returns a large number of twins, this list can still be filtered to the specific item being looked for by using the categories and buildings options on the left side of the results page to further browse or filter large lists. 


Depending on the permissions enabled for the user, this search and explore tool will return all twins in the platform for the selected site (for site-level users) or all twins across all buildings within the portfolio (for portfolio-level users).

Classic Explorer

Users also have the ability to search and explore the twins loaded into their platform by using the classic explorer option which is performed by navigating to a floor/level in their building from the Dashboard.

From here users can use the search field on the left side of the screen to search the twins that exist on the selected floor/level, or they may also browse the twins from the category and sub category fields. 


Depending on the floor/level selected, this option may only return twins that exist on the selected floor/level. 



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