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Another reporting option available in your platform provides users with a more comprehensive look at Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs), and more specifically highlights the impact of TSRs on your operations.

This page is broken into 3 main areas that display different sets of TSR data:

  1. TSR Metrics
  2. TSR Map
  3. TSR Summary Graph/TSR List


TSR Metrics

At the top of the page, users can see a key metrics related to the TSRs, including:

  • Current number of TSRs
  • Additional minutes added by the TSRs
  • Number of TSRs added this week
  • Number of TSRs lifted this week
  • Number of TSRs planned to be removed



The TSR map view allows users to enable the TSR layer data to be overlaid on the map, providing spatial context into where these restrictions are affecting your network.

To view this information on the map, please see the article 'Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs)' as the functionality is that same as that described in the article. 

Users may find the initial map view is quite small, however this can be expanded to see more detail. To make the map larger, either:

  1. Click the maximize button Maximise.PNG in the top right corner of the map
  2. Click and drag the grab bar grab_bar.PNG between the map panel and the TSR summary graph section

TSR Summary Graphs/Temporary Speed Restrictions tabs

TSR Summay Graphs

The TSR summary graphs provide users with more insightful data related to speed restrictions, these graphs include:

  • # of TSRs and Impact
  • # of TSRs by the Group Cause
  • TSR Removals
  • List of the top 10 TSRs


Temporary Speed Restrictions

The temporary speed restrictions tab, when clicked will display a list of all TSRs and considerable data related to the TSR, which can be used for further analysis.

Due to the potentially large amount of data available here, users will see both Filter filter.PNG and Sort sort.PNG options in each column of the displayed table. Also, users can toggle which columns they wish to see by clicking the column toggle button TSR_Column_data_toggle.PNG in the top right corner. 



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