WillowRail Mobile App

The WillowRail Mobile App provides users in the field with the critical information related to assets and tickets to quickly respond to tickets and effectively complete repairs and analysis of asset operations. From the app, user can search assets, review asset details, accept and complete assigned tickets, and more.

Logging In

The Willow Rail app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple App store respectively. The steps below will outline the login process and initial setup/configuration required when accessing the app for the first time.

  1. Once downloaded and installed, tap the Willow Rail icon Willow_Rail_icon.PNG
  2. Once the app opens, tap the Login button
    1. NOTE: This initial screen will only be seen when accessing the app for the first time
  3. Users will then be taken to the main login page, tap Log In
  4. Enter your email address, then tap Continue
    1. If SSO has been enabled, users may be to enable device permissions
    2. If SSO has not been enabled, users will be required to enter their password

Login_Main.PNG    Login_1.PNG   Login_2.PNG

Once logged in, users will be prompted to enable permissions to:

  • Allow the app to take photos and record video
  • Access photos and media from the device

It is recommended that users Allow both permissions, as functionality in the Ticketing area of the app will allow users to take or upload before and after photos while in the field. 

Next, users can update their avatar and enable permissions for the app to access your device's location.

  1. From the avatar screen, tap the photo icon to take a picture of yourself
    1. Alternately, tap Skip in the top right corner to skip this step, the avatar image can be added or updated from the Settings area of the app at a later date
  2. Next, enable the app's permissions to the location of your device, this will allow both mobile and web users to see the location of the device on the map, as well as calculate approximate ETA time when a ticket is assigned, tap Allow
    1. It is recommended to select the Allow all the time option 

Update_Avatar.PNG     Update_Location_access.PNG    Update_Location_access_2.PNG

Navigating the App

Upon logging into the app, users will be prompted to Turn On their availability, this step will allow the mobile user to receive tickets on their device. Users can tap:

  • Ignore
    • To go to the main app home screen without enabling availability
  • Turn On
    • To enable availability and go to the main home screen

Availability can also be enabled or disabled from the Settings area of the app at any time

Once availability has been selected, users will be taken to the main home screen, which will display any existing Faults across the network on a map view. From here, users can:

  • Zoom in/out on the map with a finger pinch motion on the screen  Home_screen.png
  • Enable/disable a number of layer and data overlays, by tapping the Layers icon in the top right
    • Layers can be enabled by clicking the eyeball icon eyeball_icon.PNG to the right of each layer name
      • Additional sub-layer options maybe available by clicking the arrow to the left of the layer name. These layer options can also be enabled/disabled by clicking the eyeball icon beside their name as needed
  • Change the type of map being displayed, by tapping the Map icon in the top right
    • Tap the alternate map option you wish to view
  • Zoom in on your location, by tapping the Location icon in the top right

Tapping the menu button Menu_button.PNG in the top left corner will allow users to navigate to other areas of the mobile app, including:

  • Availability
    • Toggle your availability on/off to receive assigned tickets
  • Faults (home screen)
    • Visualize the rail network and enable layers of data and asset locations on the map
  • Asset Lookup
    • Search and view information and data related to assets in your rail network
  • Settings
    • My Details - allows users to view the user information and view/update your avatar
    • Privacy Policy - view the Willow privacy policy
    • Log out - will log the user out of the mobile application
  • Help Center
    • Allows you to submit a ticket to the Willow support team should you require assistance
  • Feedback
    • Allows you to provide any feedback or suggestions on improvements for the mobile app
  • End of Shift
    • Allows users to indicate it is the end of their shift which will turn their availability off and close the app


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