May 2022

Real Estate

What's New

Dashboard Improvements

The Command Dashboard has been updated to include a summary for both Insights and Tickets, and now supports .nwd files which allow for a more true 3D building representation.

  • Insights will display: total count of insights and counts by priority
  • Tickets will display: total count of tickets and counts by priority
  • Site admins can now upload .nwd files to have a true 3D building model represented on the dashboard



  • The building dashboard Go to Floor button now displays correctly
  • The Angus Anywhere Marketplace app error reporting issue has been fixed


What's New

New Map Filtering

We have reworked how map filtering works by consolidating all of the previous filtering widgets (TSRs, Defects, GIS Layers, etc.) into a single map filter button Map_filter_button_05062022.PNG in the top right corner of the map. 

From this new menu, users can enable data filters for time-bound layers such as: Defects, Track Geometry, Rail Wear, TSRs, and Steel Type. Users still also have access to the additional filtering options that were previously available as well. 


Chart Improvements

Rail Wear and Track Geometry graphs now include additional data point such as Temporary Speed Restrictions (TSRs) and Curve information allowing for more easily cross referencing this important data. Also included are tool tips in the Chainage section of the graph for TSRs and Curves, allowing users to see exactly where along the track these events occur.

  • Clicking the TSR or Curve section will open a sidebar displaying additional details without having to navigate away from this area



TSR sidebar

Chainage Selector

Moving the chainage selector is now easier, no need to grab and move each end of the selector to adjust, now you can click and drag the selector as needed.



  • An issue was fixed where Track Usage data would not consistently be displayed
  • Toggling off the asset roll-up flag will no longer disable the status column
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