June 2022

Real Estate

What's New

Signing into the Platform

To help improve usability, our sign-in experience has been overhauled and simplified.

From the login page, users will be prompted to enter their email address to verify if Single Sign On has been configured for your environment. If so, the user will be directed to your company portal to complete the sign in process, and if not, the user will be directed to the traditional username and password page for logging in instead.

For more information on logging in, please see the related support site articles




  • Based on feedback, numerous small usability improvements have been made to the combined GIS filtering options
  • For certain customer environments, maps were not loading on Android; maps will now appear as expected.

  • Zooming on mobile devices could cause defects to stop showing; this is now corrected



What's New

Dashboard Drill Down

We have streamlined the drill-down navigation to make working with the opportunity dashboard simpler. Users can now see the level they have selected and the the parent level(s) just above. In the example pictured below, Concentrator 1 is the currently selected level, and Ore Processing is the parent level directly above it. 


Clicking on the parent level link will navigate the user back up to that level of detail.

History Playback Controls

The fast-forward/rewind feature now shows how quickly you’re moving through your history and repeatedly pressing the button will increase the speed up to a maximum of 128x, before looping back to 1x



  • Loading telemetry for large time ranges now displays in just a few seconds

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