Portfolio Dashboard

Upon logging into the WillowTwin™ platform some users may be brought to the Portfolio dashboard as their home screen. This area provides users two views for insight into their portfolio, a Site View and a Performance View, each providing a different insight into both the individual building performance and operations as well as the overall portfolio view of information.

This insight is great for users such as portfolio managers or executives who want to be able to see quick numbers and statistics related to overall portfolio or individual building performance and operations.

Site View

The site view is the default page portfolio users will see when they first log into the platform. From here they will have the ability to see a list of the digital twins in their portfolio. Filters on the left side of the screen allow users to filter and narrow larger lists of buildings if needed. From this list users can see a high-level description of each building, a tally of any urgent insights and tickets, as well as the geographic location of each building.


Also here, users may see a building score representing the buildings overall operational performance. This score is the average of a separate comfort and energy score (described in further detail below in the Performance view section) which can be calculated from the data provided by integrations between your WillowTwin™ platform and other systems and applications in a building. 

Note, the overall score can only be calculated for ADT (Azure Digital Twin) buildings which also have live data components capable of reporting information that can be used to calculate comfort and energy scores. 

For quick comparisons, users can also change the reporting period for the building score by changing the pre-set date option from the drop-down field just above the building list. 

Navigating to a Building Dashboard

From the site view, users can also navigate to the Building dashboard for a specific building by:

  1. Click on a building from the list
    1. The map will zoom in and center over the selected building
  2. Click the right pointing arrow in the bottom right corner of the building detail box
  3. Alternatively, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the building detail box, then click Launch Command

To go back to the main Portfolio dashboard with the entire list of buildings users can:

  1. Click the Willow icon near the top left corner of the page
    1. This will only return to the Portfolio dashboard for users with the Portfolio Viewer or Portfolio Admin privileges enabled on their user account
  2. From the building drop-down list select All Sites

Performance View

The performance view allows users to see a series of portfolio wide reports and KPIs providing insight into the overall performance, comfort score and energy score, and twin summary for the buildings in your portfolio. 

Note, the overall performance, comfort, and energy scores can only be calculated for ADT (Azure Digital Twin) buildings which also have live data components capable of reporting this information. 

Near the top of the page users will see the different KPI and report options available, this can include:

  • Portfolio KPI (default report shown when this page is accessed)
  • Portfolio Comfort report
  • Portfolio Energy report
  • Portfolio Twin Summary report

Click the associated report button to navigate to the report. A drop-down field just to the left of the reports options allows users to modify the reporting period as needed. For all reports, users have the option to download each of these reports if further analysis or sharing may be required.. To download a report

  1. Click the report button from the menu bar
  2. Adjust the reporting date period as needed from the date drop-down field
  3. Click the Download button in the top right corner of the reports area

Also, when hovering over each score or graph in the reports, users will see an additional menu option appear in the top right corner. From here users may be able to

  • Maximize the element
  • Apply filters to modify the graph data being displayed
  • Click the 3 dots option to 
    • Sort how the graph data is displayed
    • Download the element
    • Refresh the data
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Format

Portfolio KPI

This report provides an overall summary of your portfolio's performance, users will see an Overall Performance score which is an average of the separate Comfort and Energy scores displayed to the right. To provide a little more context in terms of what these scores represent:

  • The comfort score represents the percentage of time the zone air temperature is within the setpoint for the selected time period
  • The energy score is the energy consumption compared to that of the previous week, the smaller the deviation, the higher the score will be

Both scores are also represented in graphs just below, the graph on the left displays the overall scores across each building in the portfolio, whereas the graph on the right displays the scores across the reporting period.


Portfolio Comfort

The portfolio comfort report displays more detailed information related to the overall comfort performance of the buildings in your portfolio. Here again, users will see the overall comfort score for the selected reporting period, as well as two graphs showing the daily comfort score and the comfort score per building.

Across the top of the report users can see the number of Terminal Units that were analyzed and last data refresh. As well as, there are options to include/exclude data in the graphs by selecting from the Weekday/Weekend drop-down field and Operational Hours True/False toggle. 


Portfolio Energy

The portfolio energy report displays more detailed information related to the energy performance and consumption of the buildings in your portfolio. Specifically, users will be able to see the number of switchboards that were analyzed, as well as calculations for:

  • Overall energy score
  • Total energy intensity (in kWh/m2) - this is the amount of energy used per square meter of conditioned space
  • Total energy consumption (in MWh)
  • Net lettable area (in m2)

Additionally, 3 charts allow users to see a visual representation of this data, showing the 

  • Energy score by building
  • Energy intensity by building
  • Daily energy consumption by building


Portfolio Twin Summary

The portfolio twin summary report provides users with an overall summary of the digital twins and live data points that have been loaded into your platform, as well as a count of twins by discipline, and a detailed asset registry table. 



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