August 2022

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Enterprise Package Release

The Willow team has been busy building new features and functionality within the WillowTwin™ for Real Estate platform over the past year, resulting in a staged release of features and functionality over the past few months. These features are now available for all Willow customers to take advantage of where applicable. This includes how users navigate around the platform, updated dashboards which now include pre-built reports, and a new tool for searching and exploring twins. Highlights of these changes include:

  • Dashboards
    • Both Portfolio and Building dashboards now have options to toggle between a site view or a performance view
      • Site View
        • For Portfolio users lists all buildings in the portfolio and includes an overall score (for ADT buildings that report live data related to comfort and energy), as well as a tally of urgent insights and tickets
      • Performance View
        • Provides a series of pre-built reports related to the overall performance, comfort, and energy usage. These are available at both the portfolio level or the individual building level for all users


  • Search and Explore
    • A new tool has been developed which allows users to perform a simple keyword search or to browse for any twin in their platform. Twins can include systems, components, zones, floors/levels, individual pieces of equipment, files and more
    • From the search or browse results users can see a summary of their search results, this includes asset details, related twins, files, sensors (if applicable), time series (for assets with sensors), 3D model providing spatial context, and a relationship map


  • Unified Command and Enterprise Navigation
    • We have simplified how users navigate the platform. All feature areas are now available from the main menu button menu_button.PNG in the top left corner
      • For example, Insights, Tickets, and Inspections have now been moved to the main menu rather than appearing as tabs across the top of the building dashboard
For more information on these and other features, please see the User Guide articles which have been updated to include detailed descriptions of how to navigate and use the features and functionality of the entire WillowTwin™ for Real Estate platform.



  • Fixed an issue with Tickets where the Asset and Requestor fields were not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue with Inspections where the Asset field was not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where site permissions for some site admins and site viewers were not reflecting properly across the two roles
  • Fixed an issue where a site admin may have seen a 'No Portfolio Found' message upon logging in


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