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The WillowTwin™ platform has the ability to store a large amount of useful data that can be used to help make data-led decisions with the day to day operations of the buildings within your organization's portfolio.

With such a wide array of data and differing business priorities, there can also be diverse reporting in terms of what your team may need out of the platform. While Willow does provide a series of reports in the performance view of the portfolio and building dashboard areas, there is also sometimes a need for custom reporting. Through consultation with our team, Willow has the ability to build custom reports to provide the detailed information your organization needs from the data being fed into your platform. 

Custom built reports are accessible from the the Reports area of the platform; as these reports would be unique to each organization, this article won't discuss report specifics, but rather explain what users can expect to see and how to navigate this area. Access reports by

  1. Click the main menu button menu_button.PNG
  2. Click Reports
  3. Click a report from the panel on the left
    1. Some reports may be site specific and may require the user to select a site from the drop-down field in the main menu bar at the top of the screeen
As not all organizations may have a need for custom reporting, this area can be disabled if it does not apply. Also, if your organization has a need for custom reporting, please reach out to your Willow Customer Success Manager for more information.


On the left side of the screen users will see a panel listing all of the reports currently available, while the main panel on the right will display the actual report. It's important to note that some reports may be available for the portfolio or they may be site specific, as such, selecting a building from the site drop-down field in the menu bar at the top of the screen may be needed, and may change the list of available reports displayed on the left. 

Reports here may be interactive, for more information on how to use these reports, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance. 

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